Services de déménagement
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Make your move a success

It is best to surround yourself with qualified professionals to ensure a successful move. More informations : The visit is essential to establish a reasonable and free estimate. It is carried out with a commercial agent who quotes the volume of your move, from the basement to the attic, including the cupboards and the courtyard. When you get the quotes, evaluate them: company testimonials, full description of their services, volume of furniture, date, location and location, cost and payment terms (usually 30% on order, balance on delivery), furniture value, warranty rate, general conditions of sale and exceptional items (furniture lifts, added options...).

The price of a move

The normal price of a move costs about $1100, but changing quotes can be doubled to be able to move without stress, it is much better to allow professionals to do so and choose a personalized transfer! The furniture is in all cases protected and transported by the movers. More information Nice removals contact a professionnal. After that other options are possible: disassembly and reassembly of the furniture, just the packing of the objects as well as the packing of the non-delicate objects. Think of this elevator if you live beyond a 4th floor without an elevator. The formulation is safer and consumes much less work! Because it's the season, you can certainly do it at the last minute, but beware of summer. You can pay more because of their high demand. When movers start to fill their programs, it is therefore preferable to book two or three months in advance. The rest of the year,

What is a furniture storage service?

Often associated with a moving company, the furniture repository offers the possibility of storing wooden containers in a secure location 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your container is sealed before your eyes and then stored in a warehouse equipped with security monitoring systems, alarms and smoke detectors. Access to a clean storage area in a traditional storage facility may be subject to requirements and limitations. Some contracts require additional fees or appointments.

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